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Cutting Edge Quantitative Services

Cutting Edge Quantitative Services

Innovative Quant Solutions, LLC develops institutional products, builds practical asset allocation strategies, and performs exceptional research.


Stock Models


Fundamentally based, dynamically implemented, comprehensive multi-factor US equity model which adjusts quickly to changing market environments. Using IQS propietary techniques and metrics, the model recognizes the market environment and calibrates the weights to incorporate new environments. Model includes 70 factors across five investing dimensions that determine the daily IQS stock rankings. The five dimensions include Valuation, Balance Sheet Strength, Improving Financials, Sentiment and Momentum.

Tactical Signals


Based in concept on historically proven point and figure technical analysis, but with dynamically implemented learning parameters, IQS signals are able to rank sectors, countries, styles or other assets classes. The IQS signals are time independent; rather, they are determined from information flow, not from an arbitrary series of prices across time. Implemented as a stand-alone tactical strategy, as an input to dynamically tilt a portfolio of assets, or as a complete asset allocation program, IQS signals provide a path to greater information.


Research and Projects


IQS analyzes topics of interest from clients, prospects or investment professionals. Our interests lie in stock selection, portfolio construction, asset allocation and post-trade analysis for long only or long-short portfolio management. IQS writes and publishes IQS Briefs on a range of market micro-structure topics. IQS provides expert customized solutions for any investment problems that you encounter.

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